In the first chapter of my novel, Lucy Page, Lucy travels to Vienna where she has many interesting experiences.Some of these reflect my own life in Vienna in 1963 when I was a student there. Subsequently I have made yearly visits to Vienna and have maintained the friendships I made in 1963. Now, 50 years later I am going back to Vienna to host a party to celebrate 50 years of going to Vienna and many of my 1963 friends will be there to celebrate with me. It is all very exciting. There have been many things to arrange all from far and I am going to introduce my husband to Vienna for the first time.Our son, Matthew is also coming and my sister Eleanor and her husband from England. One Viennese friend is traveling from Berlin. In two weeks I will write again and describe the party.
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I  am a retired economics professor and have just published my first novel entitled "Lucy Page- a Cambridge Story of Love and Loss." I am proud of it as it is my first foray into fiction. It is set in 1963 in Cambridge University when the first stirrings of feminism were being felt among the students. Lucy is an intelligent but naive student in her first year who is ready for all that Cambridge has to offer as well as, of course, love. In the course of the novel we see her friendships with the other women students at her college, Oldwick, develop. She joins a circle of friends led by the feminist Sarah, and falls immediately in love with an Austrian student. The novel follows Lucy's journey through the thickets of college life, Lucy's spiritual awakening and the stories of the other students. She struggles to find her "won self" but often fails.

Writing about the pains of love is a profound experience and I have tried to do it justice in this book.
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    Rosalind Seneca

    Prof. Rosalind Seneca is the author of Lucy Page, a novel, and On Becoming, a memoir.  


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